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SSC {Class 10}  I will Do It Possible Comprehension Questions | 10th Class English

Hi Friends! Are you searching for I will Do It Possible comprehension questions? You are at the right place. I hope These I will Do It Comprehension Questions are Useful to you.

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 I will Do It Possible Comprehension Questions

10th Class CCE I will Do It Possible Comprehension Questions

1. What do Murthy’s seniors ask him to do?
2. He could have gone unnoticed in a crowd. Why?
3. There was a spark in his eyes. When and why?
4. How fast could he grasp the theories of science?
5. He prepared for an entrance test. What was it?
6. What is the ultimate aim of a bright student?
7. Expand IIT and IT.

8. If your father rejects you to join in a college you like after your class, what will you do?
9. Narayana Murthy is a bright student. Do you agree? Find some supporting statements from the passage.
10. What kind of a student are you? What’s your ultimate aim?
11. Is it really difficult for his father to send Murthy to IIT? Why?
12. He had to tell the bitter truth to his son. Who was the father? Who was the son? What was the truth?

#I will Do It Possible# Comprehension Questions

13. His heart sank in sorrow. Whose heart sank in sorrow? Why?
14. Are you an introvert or an extravert? How do you say?
15. He did not reply his father. Why?
16. Why did Murthy go to railway station?
17. Who is a philanthropist?

18. What do you learn from Murthy’s life?
19. ‘Your best friend is yourself and your worst enemy is yourself.’ How?
20. What do you think the reason behind Murthy’s success despite facing difficulties?
21. What are the achievements of Mr. Narayana Murthy?
22. What was the difficult situation for Murthy’s father?
23. How did Murthy prepare for IIT entrance test?
24. How do you say that Murthy showed his genius  right from his childhood?

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