Tuesday, 12 September 2017

 Public Knowledge Summary By J.M. Ziman

Science is an integral part of our lives. It provides our environment. "What is science" is a confusing question. We know the evolution of science and its development through many scientists. It is difficult to define poetry because poetry has no definition and a poet is a person who assumes the crown of a poet by himself. Contrary to this, science is methodical and logical. It is very hard and finished and an essential ingredient for human survival.
 Public Knowledge  By J.M. Ziman
 Public Knowledge  By J.M. Ziman
The course on the history of science was launched in 1994 by Asian society following attempts by Samarendra Nath Sen, an Indian historian of science. The writer, Professor Sushil Kumar Mukhejee tries to find an answer to the question Why we should learn the history of science. Science, unlike other phenomena, has continued growth. Science has brought revolutionary changes in the world order.
The Need for Studies in History of Science by sushil kumar mukherjee
The Need for Studies in History of Science 

Sunday, 13 August 2017

A Tale Of Three Villages Comprehensions

1. Why were the large empty drums placed outside Mr. Nana's house?
2. What harm can the pyramid of identical drums cause to the villagers?
3. Why was the Chief smiling as the lorries drove away?
4. Was Thomas Agonyo correct in his findings? Justify your opinion.
5. Why didn't the people move from their place?

The Actuality of the History of Sciences Short Notes And Analysis

Gaston Bachelard talks about the progress of science. When we learn the history of science, we are talking about the history of ideas. There is never a decadence of intelligence but there is decadence of nation, people and culture. Sometimes misused scientific thinking can cause stagnation. Sometimes a theory would be forgotten and years later would be explained with other evidence. 

General History of Sciences Summary

Paul Tannery, in his lecture in the form of an introduction to a book, talks about the history of science, its meanings, the need for a general history and specific histories of the sciences and synthesize the " History of science on the basis of the evidence available to us.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Story Of Abhijnanasakuntalam

Kalidasa is one of the greatest poets of India and the world. According to tradition, Kalidasa was one of the nine gems (Navaratnas) in the court of Vikramadithya. There is no authentic information about the date and personal history of Kalidasa. Some scholars attribute it to the period of Chandraguptha II of the fourth century AD. Others take it to the first century, the C seems to be more likely. 
Story Of Abhijnanasakuntalam
Story Of Abhijnanasakuntalam

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